Vivid Workplace enables businesses to maximize their potential through strategic HR project and partnership solutions. We offer a variety of tools to businesses striving for organizational excellence.



  • Human Resources Basics - Focus your attention where you want to: your core business. We provide comprehensive solutions to plug your company’s HR-related gaps. We offer multiple services that include policy and procedure development, employee communication and risk mitigation strategies, performance management systems, employee engagement plans, benefit package analysis, job description work, compensation benchmarking and mentoring for HR professionals.

  • Talent Acquisition, Retention and Staffing Optimization – Attract and retain high caliber employees to sharpen your competitive edge and increase your profitability. We offer tactical and strategic services and systems to recruit and retain employees, and optimize staffing levels and job functions.  

  • Leadership and Employee Development – Maximize performance and achieve results by identifying desired outcomes and implementing customized professional development plans. We conduct one-on-one coaching with organizational leaders and team members to identify clear goals, improve job performance, and institutionalize successes.

  • Strategic Planning – Create a clear vision for all stakeholders, especially your workforce. We help you create plans to communicate your vision and systems to implement that vision by leveraging your company’s resources.

  • Individual Career Coaching – Identify and articulate your greatest attributes. We help you to think strategically about changing your job, shifting career focus or launching your dream business.  We teach you to create highly-effective marketing collateral that sells your skills to potential employers or business partners. Our personal and professional development process helps you effectively channel your experience and skills so you can achieve your goals. 

  • Project Management – Use your precious resources wisely and improve project management outcomes. We provide project oversight services and create systems with clear steps to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Workspace Transformation – Create an environment where your employees will flourish. We suggest and assist you in implementing physical workspace changes including space utilization, ergonomics, and floor plan changes that enhance employee morale and wellbeing leading to increased productivity.



"Clarity begets action and is essential for change"

~Fast Company