Vivid Workplace enables businesses to maximize their potential through strategic HR project and partnership solutions. We offer a variety of tools to businesses striving for organizational excellence.


  • Human Capital Management – Attract and retain high caliber employees who will sharpen your competitive edge and allow you to achieve optimal profitability by making talent management a priority at your organization. We offer traditional, as well as strategic HR solutions and support (recruitment and retention programs, risk management, training needs analysis and implementation, employee relations, organizational development, performance evaluation programs, progressive benefit and compensation strategies, work-life initiatives, succession planning, etc).

  • Leadership and Performance Coaching – Maximize performance by identifying desired outcomes and implementing employee development plans. We conduct one-on-one coaching with organizational leaders and team members to identify and achieve clear goals, reinforce progress, and assist you in rewarding results.

  • Strategic Planning – Be more competitive by communicating a clear vision to all stakeholders, including your workforce. We facilitate short and long-term planning, helping you establish growth strategies as well as an ongoing process to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and resources.

  • Career Coaching – Identify and articulate your greatest attributes when considering a job change, a shift in career focus or launching your dream business. Learn how to effectively sell yourself to potential employers or business partners through a personal and professional development process that includes a focus on your greatest passions, as well as your career experience and skills. 
  • Project Management – Use your precious resources wisely and improve project management outcomes. We provide project oversight services (e.g. planning to achieve objectives, risk management, estimating and allocation of resources, assigning tasks, organizing work, directing activities, tracking and reporting progress, analyzing results, etc).

  • Workspace Transformation – Create an environment where your employees will flourish. We can help with a variety of improvements including space utilization, minimizing distractions, workplace comfort, ergonomics, and other initiatives that enhance morale, employee wellbeing, and increase productivity.


"Clarity begets action and is essential for change"

~Fast Company