Vivid Workplace enables businesses to maximize their potential through strategic HR project and partnership solutions. We offer a variety of tools to businesses striving for organizational excellence.

Do you want to maximize efficiency and profitability by increasing employee satisfaction and effectiveness? Employers who establish a VIVID Workplace and nurture this type of culture benefit by attracting and retaining talent that gets them these results. 

A VIVID Workplace is a vibrant, healthy work culture where a clear vision flows from strong leadership. Employees in a VIVID Workplace receive resources that support their professional growth and personal wellness, and are aware of how their individual contribution ties into the mission and vision of the organization.

The surroundings in a VIVID Workplace are open and filled with natural light, facilitate collaboration amongst coworkers and encourage forward-thinking, transparent communication. Employees are individually valued as members of a highly effective team that embraces cutting edge business practices and strives for excellence in all aspects of business. This bright and engaging environment supports a dynamic and healthy workforce (i.e. a VIVID Workplace).

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"Beth is not the typical HR professional. She tunes into the strategic objectives of the enterprise, thinks outside of the box and is not afraid to take calculated risk in developing an organization. She deeply understands the balance required to advocate for the development of employees and meet the needs of the Company."

~Liz Robert, CEO (Terry Bicycles)

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